Ed Roy Media Infomercial Videography

Ed Roy Media Productions provides professional audio and video production services to many companies, television networks, corporate clients, meeting planners, and artists.

Anyone that has been up late one night has seen a infomercial. They are long format 30 minute (usually) video commercials that sell a product or service to the General Public. Think “Ginzo” Knifes? They slice/they dice and so on….. All commercials during the show are of the product which are call to action breaks, where to call to obtain this great thing!

Well, Ed Roy and his team of Jacksonville Video specialists and actors can handle this service and do it for a very reasonable price compared to other national companies. We employ the latest HD technology, Teleprompters, makeup, Green screen if necessary, actors and we also assist with locations and producing and script writing too.
We then edit in the appropriate format for the station you are broadcasting the Video on because they all have different requirements and processes. So let the creative infomercial videography team of Ed Roy Media discuss this form of Video Production.

All of our videos are shot in digital HD format using state of the art broadcast and DSLR cameras. All post production is done on professional-grade non-linear editing systems, ensuring the highest level of audio and visual quality in our finished product.

We invite you to view samples of our infomercial videos below. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


New American Dream

North Beaches Pharmacy

Infomerical Demo

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