Ed Roy Media Music Videography

All of our music videos are shot in digital and HD format using state of the art HD DSLR and/or Pro video cameras. All of our post- production Jacksonville Video Editing uses professional-grade, non-linear FINAL CUT PRO editing systems that ensures the highest level of audio and visual quality in our music videos. So whether your production needs Hollywood camera dollies, large video cranes, actors, etc., we have all the creative tools and originality to bring your music to the masses.

Music videos can take 1-3 days for shooting the song depending on the Music Artist preparation. We of course make suggestions as we progress so the music video shoot goes as smooth as possible or if an outside Music video Director is there, we will just shut up and shoot. The Video editing time also varies, depending on the clients vision. The process can be short or extra time is necessary sometimes. It once again depends on the performers. Storyboard prep before the actual shoot will definitely help keep the shoot on point.

We also have a full array of lighting equipment than enhances the look and mood of the video. Sometimes, it may be just capturing your music sat a live venue such as a concert or club performance. It that case, we bring up to 5 cameras to capture every angle of that one chance time performance. We also do simple Band promos so a band can obtain more gigs and such.

We have Music Video budgets for all kinds of projects. Contact one of our friendly staff members and let’s talk about that next Music Video that will take your music to the next level!

We invite you to view samples of our music videos below. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

"What I Like" by GudGud

Summer Winds by The JET 65


Jorge Ramirez Music Sampler

My Cup is Empty by The JET 65

I Can't Pay The Fiddler

Big Engine - "Shake That Thing"